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Update at Element Elite

Element Elite & KC Baseball Performance Academy

June 25, 2019

The structure steel skeleton is being erected on site at Element Elite in Sellersburg, Indiana. The siding, roof, and masonry walls are next in line. All progressing well and quality remains high.

JC Moag Update

Lanesville, IN

June 20, 2019

Progress Continues despite record rainfall. The utilities have been extended to the building and connected. Exterior concrete is being completed. We will be placing topsoil around the site and start asphalt paving in about 2 weeks. Exterior building painting is nearing completion. Office area drywall is about 60% complete, overhead warehouse crane has been installed. Exterior glass should complete in about 2 weeks. Electrical and Mechanical work continues.

Grand Opening of the Corydon School Senior Lofts

Corydon School Senior Lofts

May 22, 2019

Last Wednesday, The Town of Corydon, Advantix Development Corporation, and Shireman Construction celebrated the ribbon cutting and Grand Opening of The Corydon School Senior Lofts. Shireman Construction is proud to deliver another project on time and on budget! This project required the renovation of the old school building and new construction of another building just north of the old school building. The Corydon Senior Lofts provide senior living with 45 apartments in downtown Corydon, Indiana.

Update at Rock Creek Community Academy

May 21, 2019

In spite of world record breaking rainfall, Rock Creek Community Academy continues to make progress. The Roof Top units are in place, the roof, walls and insulation are finished. Drywall has started and continues forward. All trades are progressing.

Improvement Plan Laid Out for Lanesville Schools

Project Bids Due by September 19, 2017

August 28, 2017
Brian Tincher, Corydon Democrat

Shireman was hired as the Construction Manager over the Lanesville Schools Renovations. Lanesville schools will receive an upgrade to different areas of its buildings. Major improvements include: Flooring, bathroom work, storage, and ceiling title replacement. Numerous other improvements are listed for completion within the base bid as well. Bids for the project are due by 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

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Boys & Girls Club Facility on Schedule

August 11, 2017
Ross Schulz, Corydon Democrat

Work continues to progress on the new facility for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harrison-Crawford Counties in Corydon.

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What's the Difference Between a Performance Bond & Payment Bond?

Performance & Payment Bonds

June 29, 2017
James Shireman

Are you unsure what the difference is between a performance bond and payment bond? Let us give you some helpful tips and info to help you out on your next construction project.

What is a Performance Bond?

Briefly, this is a legal document supplied by the insurance company guaranteeing that a contractor will finish the construction project in accordance with the contract documents. The insurance company charges a premium to supply this guarantee Bond. It is important to note that this PERFORMANCE BOND does NOT guarantee the payment of all invoices, it merely guarantees the project will be completed if the contractor should default on their obligations.

What is a Payment Bond?

This is a legal document provided by an insurance company that guarantees that the invoices connected with the project will get paid. These Payment Bonds are normally supplied as a “sister” document to the Performance Bond to provide full circle coverage. Note that the PAYMENT BOND by itself does NOT guarantee the completion of the project. It merely guarantees that legitimate invoices directly connected to the project will be paid to protect the owner from liens.

Growing Your Business

June 19, 2017
This is Harrison County Magazine

In this year’s edition of “This is Harrison County” magazine, Jeff Shireman the Chair of Harrison County Chamber of Commerce has written a letter to the public about growing your business in Harrison County, Indiana! The magazine is full of information on what’s going on in Harrison County.

Harrison County Discovery Center

Harrison County Annual Parks Board Meeting

March 17, 2017
James Shireman

March 10th 2017 The Harrison County Parks Board held their annual meeting. The Executive Director, Mr. Rand Heazlitt awarded the “Tom Cunningham Award for Outstanding Service to the Parks Department,” to Ben Shireman and David Sanders of Primavera & Associates Inc. Mr. Heazlitt praised them for their solidarity, hard work, creativity, and problem solving in the design and construction of the new Harrison County Discovery Center.

One of Prosser's Successful Graduates - Daniel Shireman

Daniel Shireman/2011 Prosser Graduate

December 19, 2016
Prosser - Successful Graduates Editon

Daniel Shireman one of our Project Managers, was honored as one of the graduates in Prosser’s Successful Graduates Edition Magazine this year. Shireman Construction has long been a Prosser community partner, providing an annual scholarship to Prosser students. Daniel’s grandfather established the company in 1957 and is now putting his family and Prosser experiences to work in the family business. Prosser wants to acknowledge and thank Shireman Construction for their continued support. “We are also very proud of Daniel, a good example to all future students that hard work and dedication pays off” – Allan Taylor, Director

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