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When Things Go Right, Figure Out Why!

Everybody is told to learn from failure, its just as important to learn from success.

November 04, 2019
Francesca Gino, Wall Street Journal

For many of us no matter where we work or what we do nothing feels as good as success. And for many of us, nothing is more harmful to our growth and development. Companies tell their employees over and over again to embrace your failures, to ask yourselves what went wrong and to take advantage of all the learning opportunities that failure affords.

But when it comes to success, companies rarely feel the urge to stop and see what they can learn from their experiences, and what they may want to change. Rather, the instinct is to assume that if...

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Soft Skills: A Difference Maker in AEC Industry

Industry consultants says that less-tangible skills like interpersonal communication and empathy must play a bigger role in our professional lives

October 30, 2019
Dennis D. Doran,

These days, we are talking more and more about how much is changing in the architecture, engineering and construction industry and how much harder it is to get he job done. Although the use of technology supports the building process from beginning to end, we still must do everything we can to improve how we procure and complete work.

The key is to remember that it’s people who build these projects, and success is the result of those people building relationships at the same time. That’s why soft skills must become a bigger part of our professional dialogue. They are...

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Six Most Common Causes of Low Cylinder Breaks : Concrete Testing

One of the most frustrating setbacks on jobsites can be avoided with maturity techniques.

October 17, 2019
Giatec Scientific,

Check out this great article about six most common causes of low strength concrete breaks. Understanding what can contribute to failing strength tests either for standard or field-cured cylinders is important. Below are the six most common causes of low Cylinder Breaks:

1.) Concrete Mix Design: The concrete mix does not gain strength in the time that had been specified, making compressive strength testing lower than expected. This may happen if wrong mix has been sent or if water is added to a mix to make it easier to place, resulting in higher water-cement ratio.

2.) Sample Production: When casting...

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Groundbreaking Ceremony for Innovation Place at Purdue

October 15, 2019
James Shireman

Shireman Construction had a groundbreaking ceremony today to celebrate the new medical building at Purdue’s Research Park in New Albany, Indiana. Innovation at Purdue will be a Design-Build Project with 31,888 sq ft. Optum will be using 26,800 sq ft of the building. Optum will have general practice as well as research facilities inside of the structure. Optum will have 18 providers, and 50 employees at the New Albany Location. This $10 million project tentative finish schedule is set for the 4th quarter of 2020.

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Helpful Hints from Uncle Mark

Operation & Maintenance Costs

October 14, 2019
Mark Shireman

There are numerous factors that make a successful building construction project, such as Schedule, Budget, and Quality Controls.

We must remember that the front end construction cost is obviously very important, however this construction cost is dwarfed by the long term Operations and Maintenance cost of the facility.

Therefore its important to design-build a project focusing on efficiencies such as;

1.) Properly Insulation

2.) High Efficient HVAC

3.) High Efficient Lighting

4.) Water Conservation Fixtures

5.) Reflective Roof Coatings.

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Helpful Hints When Entering Into a Contract for Building Construction

October 11, 2019
Mark Shireman
We have a portfolio of reference letters and testimonials covering over 70 pages. Our Clients tell us that a key factor in our Construction Management success is due to our ability, using real life experiences in protecting the client, plus guiding them through the hundreds of pitfalls in complex construction projects. As you know, its much more than just “building a building or being LOW BIDDER.”

A few helpful hints as you enter into a contract for building construction:

1.) Be sure your Architect and Engineer carries full service professional liability insurance and you are named as an...

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Three Key Lessons About Moisture in Concrete

Older floors require investigation and a little patience to verify their moisture condition.

September 05, 2019
Jason Spangler, Concrete

Great article from Jason Spangler of that talks about 3 key lessons about moisture in concrete floors.

1.) Why the in-situ relative humidity (RH) test is so much more accurate than any surface-based test.
2.) Why old slabs may need an investigation into whether a vapor barrier was installed and how to go about doing this.
3.) The pros and cons related to the use of concrete treatments or other miti-gation options.

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Shireman is Awarded CM Contract for West Clark Schools Project

West Clark Community Schools

August 27, 2019

Shireman Construction will be serving as Construction Manager for West Clark Community Schools Project. The Project consist of renovations and upgrades to Borden, Sliver Creek, and Henryville Schools. The project is currently in the design stage.

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Update at Element Elite

Element Elite & KC Baseball Performance Academy

June 25, 2019

The structure steel skeleton is being erected on site at Element Elite in Sellersburg, Indiana. The siding, roof, and masonry walls are next in line. All progressing well and quality remains high.

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JC Moag Update

Lanesville, IN

June 20, 2019

Progress Continues despite record rainfall. The utilities have been extended to the building and connected. Exterior concrete is being completed. We will be placing topsoil around the site and start asphalt paving in about 2 weeks. Exterior building painting is nearing completion. Office area drywall is about 60% complete, overhead warehouse crane has been installed. Exterior glass should complete in about 2 weeks. Electrical and Mechanical work continues.

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